Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh My

Yes, it has been a while, I am not slacking on my priority responsibilities but I am most certainly am on my internet mumbo jumbo. I thought I'd write a quickie not to let you know, we are being packed out next week, it's a crazy whirlwind that I find myself and my family in at the moment, our house isn't sold yet, otherwise I'm sure that would make for more of an at ease mindset at least as far as once we're done with the whole move bit. I am just overwhelmed right now, I have all of this move stuff coming up, all the while I need to keep the place clean and orderly for showings...JUST IN CASE...and then there's the issue with the car that I bought just recently. It was a demo, but it was still considered new because of where the mileage was on it, so I loved it and bought it, but now, I am wondering how great an idea that was, we are of course in a different financial situation making payments on a second vehicle, but on top of that...oh car has had issues twice now, and we've had it less than 2 months...WE GOT A DUD...I picked the wrong car this time. The first time it was in the shop was for the AC it gets bloody hot here...and this time,'s totally effed this time...we got in it to go for a small trip and when RJ put it into reverse it made this loud sound (maybe my siblings remember how mom and dad's mini van sounded when the transmission was going?) anyway, that is the sound it made and so he put it into park and tried one more time and it did it again, so...of course we took the truck instead, didn't want to drive it like that. They towed it Monday, and it is still in the shop today, Friday, and I'm driving a rental they gave me, and I'm afraid, these issues are not as small as the AC not working, it's not good, not good at all. When the service guy says we had to order partssss plural, not just a part, that definately isn't good. I'm just in general, F.I.N.E (Freaked,Insecure,Neurotic, and Emotional) That is the general good coverage of my status at this point. UGH, anyway, tty laters

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