Saturday, June 20, 2009


Here I am up late blogging again, it's just one of those things I guess that I am going to do. I just am sitting here thinking of my life and where I came from and just how grateful I am of the family that I have. I am excited to go back to California but at the same time I am nervous about the difference in culture and all of that from this place. The difference may be a bit overwhelming at first, but I have done it before, I think, as life is changing so dramatically for me, I am just thinking about things ALOT! I remember being there in cali before, and loving it, the weather, the just EVERYTHING, but at the same time, it was kind of nerve wracking to live in a place that has such a high crime rate and so many people in such small areas. I'm hopeful that my children will be safe when they go to school and that they will be happy with what friends they can make...and I am hopeful that we will be happier there as well. I just wanted to say a few things about it I guess, and let you all know what I'm thinking about. I'm really, actually, kind of scared...we'll be going back to a battalion and RJ will be deploying again for 6 months, I don't know exactly when he'll be leaving for the first time in 6 years but when he does it will be a very traumatic experience for us all because we are so used to daddy, and husband being home. I think that will be a very difficult thing for me to adjust to, and when we were in battalion before, I had the luxury of being able to pack up and just go home to see my family. Depending on the time of year that RJ will deploy, I won't be able to do that anymore because Kyle is school age now, and Bryen is right there too...I don't know if Bryen will start school this next year because he won't turn 5 until October and the school year starts in August, but...I'm just thinking about everything. Kyle will be in 3rd grade, can you believe it...I'm so little guy is growing up so fast, and I can't do anything but watch him grow and try to be the best parent I can. UGh, anyhow...I am starting to ramble, so I will go now, but I will be on again to you all. :o)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Since we listed our house it seems like we haven't been able to sell it for one reason or another and it has been very frustrating. seems like all the pieces are starting to fall into place, it's at the last minute and I'm grateful that it seems to be that way at all. Tonight we got a phone call and when RJ got off the phone he asked me "do you want the good news?" I was wary because usually with good news also comes bad...I told him of course I want the good news and he said "we got an offer on the house" this offer makes alot more since than the past one we got and it couldn't have come at a better time. Our realtor came over and we sat down and looked over the paperwork for the offer, and I tell you what, it is a perfect thing. We of course agreed to the offer, and sent our realtor away with signatures giving her the go ahead to tell the people to pursue financing and also whatever else they may need to get this done and to closing. They want to close by July 15, at that time we will still be on the road on our way to Cali where our next duty station will be, but it is such a weight off my shoulders that I can't tell you how grateful I am to everyone who has kept us in your prayers and who have thought of us daily, I do believe that it is about to pay off.

I don't know exactly what time it is now, but you may be asking yourself, why the hell is Beth up blogging at this hour...well, I have been on vicodin for a few months, and I have noticed that when I take it just before I go to bed, it will keep me awake, or I will wake up throughout the night, I don't know why, kinda sucks. Some people may say that vicodin helps them sleep...well...NOT ME! ANYWAY

I am sure that I have informed you guys on what is happening with the car, well....we thought we were going to finally get it back yesterday, but I guess the part didn't get there, and so today...we called to see what was up, I am still driving a rental and RJ talked with someone at GM today to see what the process will be to get us a non-lemon vehicle. I feel like the good comes along with the bad, the car situation BAD...the house this point GOOD VERY GOOD. For those of you who know me, you can picture me saying this and the face I would make as I say it, and I'm sure you are chuckeling. I am super excited for this offer to go through on the house, not only to be from under it and move on to the next chapter of our Navy career..but also for the people who are going to own the house, it is a very nice home and there is so much that can be done with it. In the end, we won't have made any profit on it, however, we did put alot of hard work and love into what we did to that house, and I can tell you living in it was a great experience. Anyway, I think I am going to try to go to bed and get some sleep. LOVE 2 U ALL! :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, so here is what is happening. My still in the shop, I guess what is going to happen is they're going to repair it as best they can for now and we're supposed to be contacted by a guy from gm tech or something like that and we are going to go through the motions of getting a new car for me...I guess...I don't know when or anything, I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing.

We have packed out of our house, and are now staying with a friend "Audra" she is very sweet to let us come in and invade her home like this, I feel like I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with how she would like things, and I don't want to do that because it is important to me that she not feel like she has other people taking over her house. I feel bad for that, last night was a hard night, the boys are sharing the room with the baby and she ended up taking the baby in her room with her so that she wouldn't wake up the boys, but it ended up keeping Audra up all night and then the weather as well! This morning she said next time the baby screams in the night she is just going to leave her because she will fall back asleep and it didn't seem to disturb the boys at all last night. I hope that this works out, it isn't for a long period of time, but if it gets to the point where she has had enough of us we'll just vacate...I hate invading other people. Anyhow, I went in to the empty house yesterday and finished up the kitchen sink, counters and floor and that was all that was left to do in the upstairs...we still have a few things above where the washer and dryer were that we have to go get, and also there is some stuff we have to take care of in the garage...but overall the house is vacated, I just wish that there was already a plan for someone else to move in...I loved that house, but I will be sooooo glad to offload it to someone else. Anyhow, I better get going, Kyle keeps coming in to tell me about MarioKart on the wii, and even though I don't really care, I know he won't stop coming in here until I go in there. ONE QUESTION...why do kids think they have to yell at each other to get the message across??? Ugh!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Empty House

Oh, well, the house is empty, and it's amazing how well you can see ALL of the imperfections once it gets that way, we have quite a bit to do and...we don't know when it will be shown next. I forgot to take Bryen to his Ear Nose and Throat doctors appointment today, they are talking about his tonsils being HUGE...I did tell the doc it runs in the family but he said it can cause sleep apnea...I wonder if I have that and it's why I'm always so freakin' tired. Anyway, I am kind of basketcase right now, and I'm going a million miles a minute with all that is happening in my life...and yet...the house LIMBO, as always...I guess at least that is one other thing besides my family that is a constant, I'm going nutzo people, RJ is always worried about me having a nervous breakdown when we go through stuff like this, you have to admit, moving can be get comfortable where you are, and then...WHAMO, you gotta move again! Anyway, take care I'll ttyall later more :o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, so here are the packers, here in my bedroom and the kitchen packing up our's kind of crazy here...not really alot of people running around or anything but...I mean in my brain, making sure that I kept everything I'm going to need. I am just sitting here watching as all of our stuff is packed up into boxes getting ready to be shipped.

Our "NEW" car that was used as a demo is still in the shop, there is something really wrong with it, they've already ordered the parts but the parts won't be here until tomorrow and then once they get those they'll get going on fixing it. I just wonder when we're going to get my car back and if we're going to be able to get all the stuff that we have kept to move ourselves will fit in the back of RJ's truck and my car, it's just another thing on top of everything else that is kind of stressing me. Anyhow, Bryen is being pretty whiney right now, I think part of it is certainly that he doesn't completely understand why there are strange people in the house packing up everything. Kyle started crying this morning about not being able to take all of his stuff with him, it's confusing and all of that, I guess I really didn't prepare myself for the fact that the move wasn't going to only affect me. RJ was asking me if I'm handeling everything okay yesterday because when we moved back to the states I was freaking once we got back here because of the major change in our financial situation, I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make it with how much we had gotten used to all of the money that we were getting in Iceland. We have definately made it work, but, it's frustrating not having this house sold, it complicates things quite a bit. After we go on leave and see all of our family on our way to california for RJ's school in August...well...Kyle has to start in california I guess starts in August and so...I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I was thinking if the house isn't sold that I'm going to have to come back's really not what I want to do but...I guess we'll just kind of roll with the punches. Pray our house sells will ya, they are going to show it tomorrow. OK, I'm going to go now so that I don't repeat myself...a little loopy with all that's going on around to you all :o) ttyl :o)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh My

Yes, it has been a while, I am not slacking on my priority responsibilities but I am most certainly am on my internet mumbo jumbo. I thought I'd write a quickie not to let you know, we are being packed out next week, it's a crazy whirlwind that I find myself and my family in at the moment, our house isn't sold yet, otherwise I'm sure that would make for more of an at ease mindset at least as far as once we're done with the whole move bit. I am just overwhelmed right now, I have all of this move stuff coming up, all the while I need to keep the place clean and orderly for showings...JUST IN CASE...and then there's the issue with the car that I bought just recently. It was a demo, but it was still considered new because of where the mileage was on it, so I loved it and bought it, but now, I am wondering how great an idea that was, we are of course in a different financial situation making payments on a second vehicle, but on top of that...oh car has had issues twice now, and we've had it less than 2 months...WE GOT A DUD...I picked the wrong car this time. The first time it was in the shop was for the AC it gets bloody hot here...and this time,'s totally effed this time...we got in it to go for a small trip and when RJ put it into reverse it made this loud sound (maybe my siblings remember how mom and dad's mini van sounded when the transmission was going?) anyway, that is the sound it made and so he put it into park and tried one more time and it did it again, so...of course we took the truck instead, didn't want to drive it like that. They towed it Monday, and it is still in the shop today, Friday, and I'm driving a rental they gave me, and I'm afraid, these issues are not as small as the AC not working, it's not good, not good at all. When the service guy says we had to order partssss plural, not just a part, that definately isn't good. I'm just in general, F.I.N.E (Freaked,Insecure,Neurotic, and Emotional) That is the general good coverage of my status at this point. UGH, anyway, tty laters

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