Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, so here is what is happening. My car..is still in the shop, I guess what is going to happen is they're going to repair it as best they can for now and we're supposed to be contacted by a guy from gm tech or something like that and we are going to go through the motions of getting a new car for me...I guess...I don't know when or anything, I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing.

We have packed out of our house, and are now staying with a friend "Audra" she is very sweet to let us come in and invade her home like this, I feel like I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with how she would like things, and I don't want to do that because it is important to me that she not feel like she has other people taking over her house. I feel bad for that, last night was a hard night, the boys are sharing the room with the baby and she ended up taking the baby in her room with her so that she wouldn't wake up the boys, but it ended up keeping Audra up all night and then the weather as well! This morning she said next time the baby screams in the night she is just going to leave her because she will fall back asleep and it didn't seem to disturb the boys at all last night. I hope that this works out, it isn't for a long period of time, but if it gets to the point where she has had enough of us we'll just vacate...I hate invading other people. Anyhow, I went in to the empty house yesterday and finished up the kitchen sink, counters and floor and that was all that was left to do in the upstairs...we still have a few things above where the washer and dryer were that we have to go get, and also there is some stuff we have to take care of in the garage...but overall the house is vacated, I just wish that there was already a plan for someone else to move in...I loved that house, but I will be sooooo glad to offload it to someone else. Anyhow, I better get going, Kyle keeps coming in to tell me about MarioKart on the wii, and even though I don't really care, I know he won't stop coming in here until I go in there. ONE QUESTION...why do kids think they have to yell at each other to get the message across??? Ugh!

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