Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still in vernal but we leave here on Tuesday. We think we might have a rental house already we applied and the lady that is managing it said that we should know by yesterday but um the stoopid chick didn't come in yesterday so now we won't know until Monday I'm so aggravated by that anyway I guess we'll see

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So here we are in utah. It's really nice to visit family and at the same time we're in route to a place where we'll be living for the next who knows how many years. It's kind of a rough life making friends and then having to leave them behind not knowing if you'll see them again. I do try to keep in touch but it really is not easy to keep in touch with people and at the same time take care of your family, if you haveea family you understand what I'm talking about. Anyway, I guess I'm feeling kind of somber because seeing the drama that is taking place here it makes me want to kind of be back with my friends where the only drama we had there was who's house we were gonna hang at. hehe Anyhow, we have found a house that is for rent in Ventura wherw we're headed and we have sent in applications so we hope that everything goes well with that, we have to wait for our money for the credit checks to get there and then they'll let us know if we're accepted as tenants or not I think it would be so great that would be wonderful, oh and i forgot to say we actually did close on our house on July 15th! Well I bettwr get to bed goodnight :o)

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