Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, long time no blog...I know, I know! I have a hard time keeping up with all of the places that I have to go on the internet every day, my email, my myspace, my cafe mom, my facebook, my blogspot...YIKES man, it takes all day to just the first couple of those. Anyway, we are still trying to sell the house, at least it's on the market, and we have had a few showings, I am kind of freaking out a bit about keeping the place up to snuff for when they call and say that they would like to show the house, I feel like if it's not really picked up nicely, then it will be a major turn off for potential buyers. Anyway, I feel like with Bryen, I am having such a hard time because he is so busy all of the time. I'm sure things will work out it's just kind of frustrating at this point.

When I was going through all of the issues with the pancreatitis and that, they found a mass on one of my ovaries when they did a ct scan on me. I didn't really notice any pains or anything related to that, but since they found it they had to follow it. I have been having ultra sound after ultra sound and seen the gyn doc a few times and just recently they had said well, either we can do surgery, or we can try another alternative to see if it will help. I decided to not do surgery and try taking out the IUD I had and going on the pill to try and stop ovulation, they said that was the reason for having cysts so...I guess it's just kind of a wait and see, in about 6 weeks I am going to have ANOTHER ultra sound to see if things have resolved, if they haven't, I don't really know what the next step is. The doc said that she thought they were just due to ovulation so in her opinion they will clear up with my being on the pill. I guess maybe that could be a little to much information for some people who might read this, but I'm just sharing...lol. One thing that is very disconcerting here...in the past 2 weeks there have been 2 deaths of soldiers @ Fort Leonard Wood that have somehow gotten infected with meningitis...it is scary, but they keep saying it isn't contagious and all of that, but there are still 2 guys that have died from the same thing. Anyway, that is quite concerning, the symptoms are similar to a regular ear infection so it's hard to tell and Kyle yesterday was having a fever, a headache, and this morning he vomited I was really worried, when normally I wouldn't be so super concerned but because of this stuff I of course thought of that. Anyway, I hope you're all good and I'll tty more later.

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