Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Couple Of Things

I went to a parent teacher conference here at the schools the boys are attending in Colorado Springs (Fort Carson) The Special Education teacher is WONDERFUL, and she wanted to share a story with me about something Bryen had said in's funny. She said they were discussing synonyms of "SHOPPER" a couple of kids had said "buyer" and "spender" and it came to Bryen and he said "Ender" they all were interested to see how he came up with this word, and why he was thinking "ender" and he said "cuz, when you go shopping, and you spend all your money, that the "ender" your money" haha..that was quite entertaining. The other day, Marcus was kicking a plastic bag around, and he was saying something as he kicked each time, when I started listening more closely, I realized he was counting in spanish...YES...he was counting in SPANISH....and NO I do not teach my children to speak anything but English and maybe a few choice words that they shouldn't learn...however...spanish is not in the list....SO...I can only assume he has caught on from "Dora the Explorer" regardless it is really fun to hear that, and he is ONE SMART KID! ♥


I'm gonna make a list of things that have happened since the last time I posted on here and fill in...gotta go through stuff first. Also...I copied all of the posts I have on here and put them in a Word document so that I can print them off and have a physical copy to put in my journal...where I hope to keep up in better. I don't know that my life is all that interesting, but I would definitely like to have something for the boys and their kids etc to look back on. Stupid technology taking over and making the important things less important and the not so important things in the forefront of everything else. I'm really gonna try to do better at this. :)

I'm WAY Behind

Oh Boy! I do not even know when the last time I posted on here was, I do know it was a while back but not nearly as long as from the last time I wrote in my journal. I think having that physical book that someone can pick up and read about my life, is much better than this...specially with all of the passwords and all that, we have here....I am frustrated about that because I just haven't done it in so long. Myspace, Facebook, Blogspot...I have been putting all of my attentions into these and not actually writing anything down....there is so much to catch up on in my journal, I am sure I could fill that sucker up. I was talking with mom the other day and she told me to just start where you're at and then as things come back to you write them down....I am a little to much of a freak to be able to do I am trying to get as much information as I can that I put down here or there and print it up that way I can fill in the holes and just catch it up to date. I can't believe that the last time I wrote in that Journal was before we went to Iceland....that was 2003!!!! I mean HOLY COW, it's's been over 10 years! Anyways, I just wanted to say this really quick on here and let you all know that and that I am going to try and post on here as well as write in my journal WAY more often than I have in the past years! ♥

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