Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Couple Of Things

I went to a parent teacher conference here at the schools the boys are attending in Colorado Springs (Fort Carson) The Special Education teacher is WONDERFUL, and she wanted to share a story with me about something Bryen had said in's funny. She said they were discussing synonyms of "SHOPPER" a couple of kids had said "buyer" and "spender" and it came to Bryen and he said "Ender" they all were interested to see how he came up with this word, and why he was thinking "ender" and he said "cuz, when you go shopping, and you spend all your money, that the "ender" your money" haha..that was quite entertaining. The other day, Marcus was kicking a plastic bag around, and he was saying something as he kicked each time, when I started listening more closely, I realized he was counting in spanish...YES...he was counting in SPANISH....and NO I do not teach my children to speak anything but English and maybe a few choice words that they shouldn't learn...however...spanish is not in the list....SO...I can only assume he has caught on from "Dora the Explorer" regardless it is really fun to hear that, and he is ONE SMART KID! ♥

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