Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, so here are the packers, here in my bedroom and the kitchen packing up our's kind of crazy here...not really alot of people running around or anything but...I mean in my brain, making sure that I kept everything I'm going to need. I am just sitting here watching as all of our stuff is packed up into boxes getting ready to be shipped.

Our "NEW" car that was used as a demo is still in the shop, there is something really wrong with it, they've already ordered the parts but the parts won't be here until tomorrow and then once they get those they'll get going on fixing it. I just wonder when we're going to get my car back and if we're going to be able to get all the stuff that we have kept to move ourselves will fit in the back of RJ's truck and my car, it's just another thing on top of everything else that is kind of stressing me. Anyhow, Bryen is being pretty whiney right now, I think part of it is certainly that he doesn't completely understand why there are strange people in the house packing up everything. Kyle started crying this morning about not being able to take all of his stuff with him, it's confusing and all of that, I guess I really didn't prepare myself for the fact that the move wasn't going to only affect me. RJ was asking me if I'm handeling everything okay yesterday because when we moved back to the states I was freaking once we got back here because of the major change in our financial situation, I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make it with how much we had gotten used to all of the money that we were getting in Iceland. We have definately made it work, but, it's frustrating not having this house sold, it complicates things quite a bit. After we go on leave and see all of our family on our way to california for RJ's school in August...well...Kyle has to start in california I guess starts in August and so...I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I was thinking if the house isn't sold that I'm going to have to come back's really not what I want to do but...I guess we'll just kind of roll with the punches. Pray our house sells will ya, they are going to show it tomorrow. OK, I'm going to go now so that I don't repeat myself...a little loopy with all that's going on around to you all :o) ttyl :o)


Sharon said...

I will pray your house sells right away! and your car sounds like a motor mount what did they tell you? I will pray you have less stress and your trip goes well! So are you preggers? :O)TTYL

Barnes Family said...

Oh my goodness Bethy! I feel for you.. I know how having the movers in your house is weird. Your poor little guys... Just tell Kyle and Bryen that when you guys get here we'll go to the ice cream museum.. There is some fun stuff to do here oh and Brett has the 1st off.. Woo Hoo! Well, I love you lots! Stay postive! See you soon! Yeah!!

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