Thursday, June 11, 2009

Empty House

Oh, well, the house is empty, and it's amazing how well you can see ALL of the imperfections once it gets that way, we have quite a bit to do and...we don't know when it will be shown next. I forgot to take Bryen to his Ear Nose and Throat doctors appointment today, they are talking about his tonsils being HUGE...I did tell the doc it runs in the family but he said it can cause sleep apnea...I wonder if I have that and it's why I'm always so freakin' tired. Anyway, I am kind of basketcase right now, and I'm going a million miles a minute with all that is happening in my life...and yet...the house LIMBO, as always...I guess at least that is one other thing besides my family that is a constant, I'm going nutzo people, RJ is always worried about me having a nervous breakdown when we go through stuff like this, you have to admit, moving can be get comfortable where you are, and then...WHAMO, you gotta move again! Anyway, take care I'll ttyall later more :o)


Barnes Family said...

Oh Bethy! Hang in there I know it's so hard to be in limbo we've been there forever.. Just focus on the postive things.. Just think you're moving to where it's sunny and nice.. Woo Hoo! No more tornado warnings! Love ya! See ya in a couple of weeks! I can't wait!

bethysmiles said...

Hey Hetha...I love you, thanks for the nice comment, I'll do my best. :o) love you

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