Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yea, that's what I have. They told me that on Friday, and I had to drink some gross stuff they called contrast to see what was going on inside my body, and then I had a ct scan and then they put me on a liquid diet, and then yesterday I went back in to get IV fluids because I was dehydrated. Now I have a HUGE bruise on my arm from where this kid who OBVIOUSLY wasn't good at taking blood and what not tried to get a vein for the IV. I am so frustrated, today they are supposed to call me to get an ultrasound to see if I have gall stones that caused the pancreatitis or what UGH! Anyhow, wanted to let you all know what's goin on! ttyl


Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

I am sorry you have to go through that yucky stuff Bethy but you are tuff! I know you will come through it with Stars! I think there is a country song called Strong I will play it for you :O) Loves! ttyl

Barnes Family said...

Oh poor Bethy! I'm sorry your feeling yucky sick.. I'll come over and make you some chicken broth to drink..
Love ya! Get better!

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