Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Results...and then

Hey everyone, I got my results, on Wednesday the 12th, sorry, I'm such a slacker. The results for the ultra sounds were that everything innard that I have minus the ovary(i don't think I spelled that right)with the cyst is absolutely fine. When they told me originally that I had pancreatitis, that was in fact not even completely true because when they had done the CT scan that night it showed that there was absolutely nothing going on with the pancreas, so I don't know why my amilase and lypase were elevated but...anyway...there is more to the story. REGARDLESS of the results and them telling me that I'm fine, I am in pain...I don't like to be in pain, and I have told them that I am in pain. When I saw the "practitioner" that told me there was nothing wrong and that cysts are a normal occurance in women (LIKE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT) I just chaulked it up to me being over sensitive...so I took that and went home. Luckily before I went and saw that "practitioner" I had tried to get ahold of my actual PCM and so...shortly after I got home from being told there was no problem...my PCM called me and told me she had taken a look at my results and that my cyst was larger than they like to see so they would like to keep and eye on it...UGH...I do not like getting different stories specially when it comes to MY health...not cool! ANYWAY, I went to the ER again yesterday, I sat there for hours in pain, and they did all these tests to see if they could figure out why I am having pain, and nothing is abnormal, my blood count is good, which I am happy to hear, but I still wanna know why I'm in pain. They're sending me to a Gastroenternologist, I don't know when, or if they're even going to actually put that referral in the computer. At this point, I'm kind of just really ready to GIVE UP and just deal with the pain, it's alot easier than trying to deal with people who don't seem to care wether you live or die. UGH...I know that isn't really true, but I just get so frustrated. Anyhow, so now I have Vicodin to take, and Ibuprofen, and am waiting for a phone call from the referral office for when my apt with the Gastro doc will be. I appreciate you keeping tabs on me Ramanda, you're a sweetie pie and a good friend! I will try to do better as far as keeping you up to date. OH, the fact that everything came back normal in my blood and all of that is definately a good thing though eh?! :O) ttyl


Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

Hey Bethy I know what you are talkin about cuz when Dave had his painful tummy ache that wouldn't go away they couldn't figure it out and ended up taking his appendix out even tho that probably wasn't the problem and he still had pain after all that! Tons of fun I tell ya! still don't know what is up with his guts! but he seems to be better now :O) I hope they find out soon for you so they can get you out of pain! Love ya ttyl

Rick and Angelia said...

Hey Beth I'm sorry you are still having pain! Dr's are great but sometimes they don't listen to you when you say you are in pain so keep bugging them till you find out what is up. I'd call the GI Dr's place and see if they have your referral and ask to get in asap. Good luck and I hope you get feeling better soon! We love you!

bethysmiles said...


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