Friday, September 12, 2008

Ultra Sounds

OK, well, I went to have my ultra sounds today, the first I had to stop eating and drinking at 12 the night before, so I was really thirsty by the time we finished...this one was upper abdomen area looking for galstones. The others were checking out the mass that was on my uterus that they found in the CT scan. So, in all likliness the mass is just a cyst, but what know. Anyhow, at this point, after having all of these ultra sounds done in the same day, the results will not be accessible until TUESDAY, and I am at this point, still not working and just sitting by and waiting. The hospital here is so understaffed they say "due to deployments bla bla bla" they are working on the problem, until there, we're SCREWED! I don't know if I'm going to be able to get an apt to find out the results of my ultra sound but I'm just really wondering if they even stop to think that maybe there may be a reason that this person would like to because maybe their health might be kind of important to know. UGH, anyway, I could go to the ER again, my ear has been aching for the past two days and it is really really ouchie, what's wierd, is RJ's ear is bothering him really badly too, and it's the same ear as mine...STRANGE BUSINESS! Anyhow, RJ said he's not gonng go sit in the ER for hours on end for an ear ache, I say to hell with it, that's what they're there for.....UGH! Well, I'm frustrated because I haven't been working and that is going to leave us at a shortge of funds, but actually, I think it's good that we can see if we are able to handle things without me working because...I'll explain that to you.

I was at work the last day I worked before I got sick...Thursday August 28th, when on the clinic I must have been feeling bad without realizing it cuz when the doctor decided he was going to get frustrated with me and act on that frustration by talking down to me, I started to cry, not right in front of him of course, but it really was totally uncalled for and there are much much better ways to go about things than the way he chose to deal with it. Anyway, I cried, got over that and went through the rest of the day doing the best that I could, in the meantime of course in the back of my mind I am thinking, I NEED A NEW JOB, because seriously, when you feel like you have an tense work enviornment, it doesn't make for a good day EVER! UGH, let me tell you what happened, it kind of sounds trivial, which is why I think I may have been starting to get sick because normally I wouldn't have cried at this, I just would have gotten pissed. Anyway, usually when I'm on the clinic doing cleanings etc. the Dr comes and looks at the kids mouths and then you go from there, sometimes he does it before you clean them, and sometimes he does it after you clean them, first thing you do, is take x rays if they're needed. Anyway, he came over and I hadn't gotten to the cleaning part yet, so I asked him, would you like me to clean her teeth...then right there in front of the patient, he looked at me...of course with annoyance, and said "WHAT DO WE DO...WE TAKE THE X RAYS AND THEN I COME AND LOOK AT THEIR TEETH AND THEN WE GO FROM THERE" I was like...WHAT THE HELL! I wish that I hadn't cried though, it just makes me look weak, and I'm no weakling...I just think he shouldn't have done that in front of the patient and then no apology or anything, just rediculous. ANYWAY, I'm over it, I have been looking for a new job, after buying all these scrubs and stuff, I'm hoping that I can get on as a dental assistant somewhere else, with someone who is less likely to get upset with me and has patience and is willing to train me. I have been emailing a guy back and forth about possible job interview, here in St. Robert, where I live which would be GREAT, closer to home and less for gas and also it would be on a daily basis not just 3 days a week or so. I am so ready to be done with this wishy washy do one thing one way one minute and then change their minds and decide to do it differently the next minute, it's just outright frustrating and a really lousy working enviornment. Sometimes I feel like I'm on eggshells, and then with something so small as a question is deemed to warrant a response such as the one the Dr gave me, I am ready to move on to something else. Anyway, UGH, I didn't really want to go into all of that, but I guess it is a better way for you to feel the frustration and now to know why it is happening. My schedule at this job has never been more than 3 days in a week, and my position is classified as "Irregular Part Time" and so I guess that means that I'm expendable....I don't know, Dorothy has gone as far as to call me their utility worker, which I guess I should take as a compliment, meaning I can do everything and I am flexible, but....seriously, when I am "supposedly" doing such a good job and they ask me why I am late but then they say they understand some things because they knew I had kids when they hired me...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT...I MEAN...SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Anyway, I'm ready for something steady, and when I'm actually doing the assisting on a daily basis I will get good. I was talking to someone about going through the class that they offer for dental assisting on the post here, and they said that one of their friends did it, and when they got a job after they finished certifying, it was like they had never taken the course at all, it was like starting all over again because they felt like they were learning the stuff all over again, so I'm thinking that the way I'm learning is a little better, but you do have to have fundamentals that I don't quite have down yet, however, I have office experience etc as well as the assisting, so I'm pretty well qualified I'd say. Anyway, ya'll take care, I'm gonna stop nagging now, ttyl :O)

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