Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Day In The Life

So, I got in to see the doc, she said that I "DON'T" have gall stones. I can't help thinking that is funny cuz when I was in the ER originally they said that I had to get an ultra sound to tell if I had gall stones..things that make you go hmmm. I am feeling much better, after having two bags of IV fluid put into me on Monday. I went to the doc on Tuesday and that is when she told me that, and also a few other things, bla bla bla, doctor mumbo jumbo, and then she ordered the ultra soundSSS yes...plural. I figured they would have ordered the ultra sounds that I needed from the ER, but I guess NOT! I could not get the ultra sounds scheduled until Friday September 12th, and until then I'm out of work because they don't want me to come into work and have an episode while I'm and legal reprocussions avoided. I am still having sharp pains here and there in my abdomen, but I am eating actual food again. ANYWAY...on to other things, cuz right now it's just a waiting game until we can find out more.

I have changed from one garbage company to another one that is just moving into our area, because they have ONE big trash can with wheels and a lid that can't be knocked off by raccoons. We were having alot of trouble with animals coming and getting into our trash before, and now it's not a problem...HOWEVER, I got my first bill from them intending it to be a certain amount, they told me ahead of time that I would only be charged for 2 months, one thing they didn't tell me is that they charge for GAS..WHAT?! I didn't know what the heck that was and it really ticked me off so I called them and asked about it and they told me that everyone has to pay that. When I was getting ready to sign up with them initially, I had told some friends about it, how cool I thought it was and everything, and then, I get this the time I got this bill, one of my friends I had told about it had already signed up with them and pre paid 3 months in advance...anyhow...when I told her about the gas surcharge, she was stunned because she didn't have to pay it...I was like..WHAT? I decided that I was going to give the questioning of the company another go, and I told them that I have a friend that signed up with them just recently because I had told her about them and that she doesn't have to pay the gas surcharge, and I was wondering guess what, I don't have the charge anymore...LOL. I think it's rediculous though that they did not say, there is a fee for the gas that will be used in the trucks when they come to pick up your trash, I was really unhappy, and it is only a small amount, but all in all, it makes a difference, and I did no intend to have that there and one of the main reasons I signed up in the first place was that it was going to be a little cheaper than the company we were with before, even with the rental of their trash can. I'm pretty stoked about how that turned out. Anyhow, it's silly, but I have to do something around here that makes me feel accomplished. ttyl :O)


Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

Go Bethy! You let them know you are not gonna be taken for a ride! Love ya

Barnes Family said...

Bethy you're too funny.. I'm glad that they took the charge off cause that's not fair. Good for you to go and make them make it right!! Stick it to em..
Love ya!

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