Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yea, I had my ultra sounds, and I still don't have the results...I'm calling all day today to see if I can get an apt to get the results from which ever doc I can get in to see, THIS IS REDICULOUS! I get the impression that they just don't care about me, no compassion, whatever, I'm sure that is false but, how else am I supposed to feel when no one seems to be willing to help me, and I'm only one person you know. UGH, I'm so frustrated right now I could just SPIT! Anyway, my work called and said that if I felt good enough to come in for a couple of short days this week in the office I could do that, and so I am going to be going in tomorrow and the next day to do some office stuff and I'm just PRAYING, that I can get a phone call from someone at the hospital with something...I hate waiting and most of all I hate not knowing what is going on, last night I was doing the dishes and about fell over with a shooting searing pain in my upper abdomen, and I was having a hard time breathing and RJ was about to flip out because he was yelling "WHAT'S WRONG" and I couldn't answer because I couldn't get a big enough breath in to talk to him...NOT GOOD! I am like...c'mon people, it's not like I'm gonna die, but it doesn't mean it's any less important! I just wanted to get ya'll an update, if you're even following this...sheesh..hehe, ttyl :O)


Ramanda said...

Any word yet? I swear that the medical profession doesn't look at us as people. We are just another number to them.
I am praying for you girl! Hang in there!

bethysmiles said...

aww thanx Ramanda! You're such a sweetie.

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