Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kirby Vacuums

UGH...we had these people stop by our house yesterday, they were offering a free shampoo and vacuum cleaner presentation all we had to do was answer 10 quick questions and let them clean our carpet. I wasn't sure what exactly I should do, but you know getting a free carpet shampoo was definately something that made my eyes widen I'm sure, cuz it just sounds so they're going to do it while I watch...OH HOW LOVELY! Anyhow, so I told them yes, when the guy came in with the vacuum I didn't know until I looked at the box that he was carrying that they were Kirby sales people...first thought in mind "OH GRRRRREAT!" I remember these guys, they came in my house when I was younger and sold a 2000.00 vacuum to my dad, and you know, I have always thought there was some gimick to those Kirby vacuums are so much better than all the others...WHATEVER, they have great marketing though, it's just a rip off as far as I'm concerned but hey, I was willing to let him come in a clean my carpet for free....thinking it would be worth my time. When Kirby comes in your house, they ask you to vacuum with yours first and then they take the example one they bring and go over that same area, with theirs and instead of using a bag they put a whit piece of paper or whatever that stuff is, so they can show you how much more they're picking up even after you've already gone over that area with your vacuum, in my opinion this is where the gimick comes in, I totally think those things are rigged some how. ANYWAY, of course he picked up dirt and stuff, and showed it to us, bla bla bla, but when he asked me how happy I was with my vacuum, I told him "I LOVE MY VACUUM, are you gonna make fun of my vacuum?" lol...he said he wouldn't since I seem to like my vacuum so much, and right there I gave him my answer to the all powerful "are you interested" question...he knew that we were not potential buyers...made things alot easier..even though he knew that (cuz he said, "I'm guessing you're not gonna buy, am I right") he still went ahead and cleaned the carpet...but you know what...IT STILL LEFT SPOTS...they claimed to have been able to get spaghetti sauce out of the carpet...NOT IF THEY CAN'T GET ONE LITTLE FRIGGIN' KOOL-AID SPOT OUT! UGH, I was so frustrated at that, it was a foam cleaner bla bla bla, but I have my own cleaner and a green little green spot cleaner that I absolutely love, and they're both from BISSELL...ANYHOW...he did his little presentation and the Kirby vacuum cleaner did the foam carpet cleaner let it sit for a few minutes and then vacuum over where you cleaned with the foam cleaner set up bla bla bla...and when he was done of course we went through the motions...cuz he has to, and then he left...when he was giving his presentation he took a few of those little white things that he was picking up the "excess dirt" (that my vacuum supposedly didn't pick up) and asked us to try and rip them in half...didn't work, they're made out of some sort of material that is pretty anyway, we couldn't rip those in half, but...he must have forgotten to pick those up upon leaving because we had them after he left...RJ thought he would like to try that dirt thing with my vacuum, and guess what....when he did it with mine, those things were still showing that there was GOBS of dirt on the floor...with MY vacuum...even after going over it once with my vacuum, twice with the Kirby and cleaning it..I DON'T THINK SO! I just love my vacuum and I'm so glad that I am not a succor, those vacuums are so not worth the amount they charge for them. Anyhow, I just wanted to share this, with those of you who might have Kirby salesman come to your door, it's a big fat lie, and they're just good salespeople. Here's a picture of my vacuum, it's a Bissell Healthy Home and I am absolutely satisfied with it's performance! ttyl :O)



kelleyroxx said...

Is that a tiffany style lamp with nascar on it? Let me explain
nascar+tiffany style lamp=WTF??
LOL, I love ya anyway! XOXOXO

bethysmiles said...

LOL...I know right! Yea, our friends got that lamp for RJ he loves Jeff Gordon and Nascar..hehe! :O)

Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

our parents also got suckered by the fairfax people! not to mention those vaccumes break easy and the fix and parts are like almost as much as the stupid vaccume! I know cuz I bought a kirby once too! I hate them! even tho thats what we grew up with! :O)

Ramanda said...

I hate pushy salesmen but I love your nascar lamp ha ha! We have a John Deere one! Is yours a touch lamp ha ha?

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