Friday, August 1, 2008


I thought yesterday was a lazy day, today has been one of the laziest days EVER!!!! I have done nothing but talk on the phone and watch tv, and play on this gosh dern thing all day! I even didn't make my kids lunch til just like 10 minutes ago...isn't that friggin' pathetic. I mean, what kind of mother am I when my kids have to remind me to make them lunch and that they do get hungry...UGH! OH WELL, I mean, they're fed so, they don't hate me yet! I was talking to Kyle as I was making him lunch and I said "I've spent to much time on the computer today huh?" and he just says "yep" as he stirred the mac n' loves to help, I think he feels like he needs to be able to do more than we allow, but I still feel that he is still a little young to do some things...he can take the trash out and stuff like that...I don't know, I don't know how old he should be really before I start making him do stuff. I think I'm WAY to picky to have anyone help me, and I think that is maybe why RJ doesn't help much around the house because when he does try to I just gripe about him folding stuff wrong, or putting it in the wrong place, but you know, when things get done I really do appreciate it, even if it isn't EXACTLY the way I want it. Anyhow, I gotta make sure to pick this place up, sitting in front of the computer has it's drawbacks, you can't watch what your kids are doing when you're looking at the computer screen and they have totally RAN SACKED the place. Take Care everyone, I will write more later...OH OH, I would like to welcome my sister Cherylto the blogging family and community...HAHA! Love You


Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

Hey Bethy I have the same problem but sometimes we need mommy time outs! And the picky thing, I hear ya! We just need to learn how to let go! Everything doesn't have to be perfect we just think it does! Does your hubby leave the tooth paste cap off? well mine does then it dries out I hate that! Love ya

Barnes Family said...

I'm that way too.. I really appreciate it when Brett helps so I show him how I like things and he does it. He even puts the hangers all the same way how I like it.. He is such a great husband!
Are you sure you haven't been reading the new Twilight book? We all have the lazy days I probably have them more often then I should.. Ooopsie!

ryannsharidamontague said...

hey! how are ya? I haven't talked to ya for a while. I've been thinking about ya. Have you seen Jacob's pics yet? Just wondering.
It's okay to be lazy and not do anything. I've done it too.
I will hopefully talk to you soon!
love ya

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