Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twilight Series

I have recently started reading these books, they're called "Twilight" "New Moon" "Eclipse" and there is a fourth one of the series that hasn't come out yet and won't until August. I'm waiting for that one eagerly...I read the first 3 in a total of 7 days...just crazy...I haven't read books since I was in school...and yea, I have been out of High School for more than 10 years...YIKES...hate thinking about that fact! ANYHOW..."Twilight" is such a good book, it pulls you in and is such a good story with a powerful and forbidden romance..oh so good. I don't want to tell the story, but..I can just tell you that they are well worth the read, it's pure fiction..but highly enjoyable, the way that Stephenie Meyer can depict the emotions of the characters in her books is just awesome, and I have been compelled...not that compelling me is a difficult thing to do..haha!


We started to look into how much we might be able to get out of our house if we were to sell it....the outlook is not as great as what we were thinking. I am hopeful that we can at least walk away from the house breaking even...if we can at least, at least do that then we'll be ok...we put alot of money(that we didn't have) into finishing this basement thinking that it would add to the value of our house...that is kind of frustrating but...we still have some time. My main concern is that I will be stuck here after RJ has to go ahead to the next duty station, cuz we know the government owns him and so he must do what they say.


I'm gonna get going, thanx for readin, hope it's kind of interesting...and...READ THOSE BOOKS! They're really really lie! haha, ttyl :O)


Barnes Family said...

I guess I better get reading the books because everyone I know have read them and they all say how good they are.
I think the housing market just sucks everywhere. Pretty much we are stuck in our house unless we want to keep paying for a house we don't have.. YUCKY!!!
Thanks for blogging Beth! It's so fun!
Love ya!!

Cheryl Augustus said...

I am just over half way through the first book. Nicole has read all three and is really looking forward to the fourth and the movie that comes out in December! I read as much as I can over lunch at work. Love ya

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