Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playing Softball

OH MAMA Softball can be brutal, I have this huge bruise on my forearm from not trying to catch a fly ball the correct way...yichee wa wa! I took pictures of it but my cameras battery needs to be charged before I can upload so, I'll be posting them later, but anyhow, when the ball first hit I didn't realize the damage I did until a few minutes after, and then I was like...ACK, CRAP, it hurts...and now it's all purple and black and woes of playing ball right?! Anyhow, that was just practice, and then after the practice ended I went to watch RJ's game and ended up playing with them because they didn't have enough people! I had alot of fun, I love playing ball...I feel kind of out of the loop though playing with the girls team, but we'll see what happens tonight. I'm not actually on the team per say, but I have gone to a couple of their practices and so I kinda feel like I can handle it...if I suck, I suck, at least I was trying to help them out eh?! LOL...ok, anyway, I will get those pictures on here a little later on, ttya'll lata :O)

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