Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My 3 Boys/Family
Listening to good music
Hanging out with good friends

*3 Fears
An Early Demise
Losing someone you love dearly...not necessarily just to death but in some other way you know like...when human emotion or behavior makes you do things you wouldn't have done in any normal or other situations.
One of my children in danger and being completely powerless to protect them...that is a HUGE ONE!

*3 Goals
Get active in church
Become more finacially savvy
Be a good parent to my children, so that when they are older they know they can confide in me, regardless of how I may or may not react.

*3 Current Obsessions/Collections
I AM OBSESSED WITH Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" Series of books
I LOVE WOLVES, our entire lvng room is wolves
I seem to be obsessed with food and collecting more and more weight as days go by...haha

*3 Random/Surprising Facts
LOL...on Heather's blog, she wrote that she has a scar on her hand from where a cat bit her because her sister put kerosene on the cat to kill the fleas...YOU GUESSED IT..IT WAS ME!!!! I did not intend...of course, for anyone to get hurt, least of all Heather...I thought for sure it would work the same way as it did for us in killing our damn lice that we kept on getting repeatedly from those unsanitary people who can't seem to get RID of theirs and keep passing them on to their unsuspecting classmates...sick!
I don't think I'm quite as accident prone as I was when I was younger...ther are still the occasional idiot moves I do whip out...but...for the most part, I'm pretty safe. LOL
I enjoy road trips...I think they would (of course) be much more enjoyable if there was an endless supply of money to fund them, no worries...that sort of thing, otherwise, they are sooooo great! Seeing sights bla bla bla, it's really nice!

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1 comment:

Barnes Family said...

You're so funny! You know I've always said you should have been the blond since you do such silly things!
Love ya even though you put kerosene on the cat and then it bit me.. I figure you were just trying to help the cat out so how can I blame you for being a sweetie.

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