Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RJ's Up for Re-Enlistment

OK, so it's that time again, for us to re enlist in the Navy, usually when that time comes you get some sort of bonus, they call it an SRB...don't ask me what it stand for cuz I don't know..lol..all I know is we usually get CHA CHING $.Photobucket As I said, "USUALLY" for some reason, this time around they have told RJ that the possibility of the SRB is questionable because of this being an election year, etc..AND he took the chief exam not long ago, if he makes chief, he will not be eligible for an SRB...FANTASTIC right! I kinda figure, why should we re enlist for him to go through more time away from his family..BLA BLA BLA if they aren't going to give us something more for the service that he provides...yea, I know, I'm whining, but really, isn't it a deserved allowance that they should get a reward for years of service prior to signing on for more years of service to the United States and the US Government? UGH, I am more frustrated with the fact that we kind of counted on making more off the sale of the house, and that way we could actually...MAYBE enjoy the SRB that we were thinking we were almost garaunteed....NOT. UGH, it's hard, such is life eh?! Anyhow, RJ will be making more money if he makes chief but it's hard for me to wait...we say the military is "hurry up and wait" lol! Sometimes, I wish life was a little easier, when cost of living and gas and grocery goes up, so does the pay you reiceive for it all so that you won't go broke just trying to make it through day to day...I'm kinda erked. I really like to gripe and moan, can ya tell? lol NO, not really, it's just an easy thing to do when things don't go the way that I have planned for. Originally they had told RJ that he was going to get 22,000 but we don't know if it's going to go up, or go down, or go away all together, I HATE WAITING! I like being able to set up a plan and have more of an idea of what is going to happen vs waiting to see...I KNOW, I have been married to him for 8 years and I should be used to the way things work by now, but um...I can tell you, you never really get used to it, you just kinda learn to go with it even if it pisses you off every time something is supposed to be a certain way and it doesn't always turn out to be that way. Well, I do hope that things go the way that we have forseen, at least, a little something so that we can get our heads above water, cuz right now, it kinda feels like we're drowning (I'm talking hypothetically of course). We did do it to ourselves, it's certainly no ones fault but our own, but dangit..LOL. UGH, Bryen's got the sugar, ttyl :O)

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Barnes Family said...

I hear ya sista!! Life and all it's challenges are so much fun. I keep thinking that maybe after the election is all over with things will go back to normal. I know that's wishful thinking but wouldn't it be nice.
Isn't being a grown up fun? And to think when we were kids all we wanted to do was to grow up so we could do things our own way. Ha ha ha! If we only knew that we would always be doing things by someone else's rules..
Love ya!! Try to stay positive!

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