Monday, July 7, 2008

DayCare Issues

I hate it when I have daycare issues, I just have to talk about it a little bit. It seems like in the amount of time that I have had this job I have now (a little over a year) I have had 4 different daycare people...isn't that just rediculous?! 4 differnt daycares...NO make that 5 in a little over a year. The first one is a friend of mine, she got a job, and she gave me 2 weeks to find someone else, so I did, and I appreciate the fact that she at least gave me some time...the next girl, worked out for a while, but then, one day, she decided that she was gonna move and didn't think it important to tell me until Monday...and she was moving on Wednesday...what the hell is that?! I'm like, common courtesy give at least a weeks notice...SHEESH! OK, then the next lady, she did it from her home, and so I just figured that it would be great, that she would continue to do it for me regardless of Bryen's sometimes outlandish behavior...however, one day while I was at work, I thought I would call and check up on things, and she said to me "I'm getting tired of his hittin' and kickin' me" I told her that we would have to talk about it later, but...I wasn't about to leave my kids with her any longer, to me that came across as though she can't handle him and that she was getting to the end of her rope, so I called RJ and had him go get the kids, I was really upset, and I think it just radiated to RJ because when he got there to get the kids, he let the lady have it...but reamed her good. She called me after he left, I had to go and pay her once I got back from work still...and she called me all upset about his behavior...I was like...well, he was upset because I was upset because it came across like you were going to snap on my child, and that is not how a supposed "child care professional" is supposed to act...I guess when she and RJ were exchanging words, she said "well I guess you just lost your daycare" and then RJ retorted with "good we weren't gonna bring them back anyway" LOL...I mean, my main issue with her talking to about my children like that is...she is supposed to have th knowhow to deal with bad behavior...just a little rediculous. ANYHOW, now, they are with a friend of ours, she is watching them for me as needed and she just kind of goes with the flow...she doesn't seem to be bothered by Bryen's behavior as much, and I don't know if it's because she just knows how to deal with him now, or if she just doesn't say anything to me about it, but I'm certainly content with having someone I feel more comfertable with. I am just sitting here thinking about it, and I feel like such a loser sometimes, when I can't keep child care, and I feel it is responsible to tell my employer that I have ONCE AGAIN lost childcare and I need to find someone new just in case I'm unable to work...they have been so great about it, they continually tell me that they knew that when they hired me, and they completely understand and they have been so flexible and just great with me. I honestly don't think that I would ever have had this opportunity to learn the things that I'm learning with this job anywhere else, I'm so happy to be able to have this opportunity, even though I can't stay forever. Well...anyway, what got me started on this, was thinking about my friend that is watching them now, she is getting ready to go on vacation, which is totally fine...of course...but I am trying to figure out what I'm gonna do while she's away (which I will of course) I have always seemed to be able to figure something out. The difficulty with the job that I have and keeping childcare, is that I don't work enough to put them in full time positions for childcare because the childcare would offset what I make by so much that we would be paying for me to work...that's totally against the idea of my working, I'm supposed to be able to bring in some extra money. Anyhow, I will let you go, that it just a little bit of rant and rave from the bethster...teehee


Barnes Family said...

Hey Boo! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with day care people. I wish we lived closer I would totally watch my cute nephews.
I think maybe it's time for Mom to visit you..
Don't get too bummed over it things will work out.
Love ya!

bethysmiles said...

Hey, thanx, I always seem to find a way to figure it out. It just is a pain and I feel like it makes me look bad when I can't get and keep daycare. I think they basically understand though cuz I have explained it's not worth having full time daycare and have to pay out more than I make because of my job being "irregular part time" Love You 2

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