Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chief Select

So, RJ was selected for chief, which means that he will be a confirmed "CHIEF" petty officer in the Navy once he finishes a process that is much like an intiation into a fraternity or something similar. I guess i thought that he would be home more than he is right now, it is only a 6 week process...but in just the first few weeks already, RJ has lost weight and been extremely tired...I'm just about the same....I had to unpack boxes, put beds together, get rid of the boxes, and alot of other stuff ALONE because RJ was not available to help...he still isn't but I think he has less than 3 weeks left in the "initiation". I will be so relieved when this whole thing is over, but then...but then...they're talking about sending him back up to water well school which is up in China Lake, California, a ways away from here. I will not know what to do exactly when he isn't here every night, I do at least get that little bit right now, even though he is so tired that he wants to just sleep, I don't know what I'll do when he isn't around AT ALL! Ugh, I am so nervous about all of this, he will deploy next year, and I am most certainly NOT looking forward to that, but I know it will be somewhat easier to keep myself together because I have the two boys and by that point they will have started school again for the next year. I am really worried about my boys' education, I don't know how they're really doing in School because I'm not there, and I have a hard time with that. Kyle is having a rough time with spelling he isn't lacking so much in the reading department but spelling really is just proving VERY difficult for him. Bryen has already made his teacher feel that she needed to call me to get some pointers on how to get him to cooperate with her in the classroom...I can't give pointers...geez, Bryen doesn't listen to me either...LOL! I think mainly that is what I am concerned about, Bryen, how he will be when RJ is gone...for a week while RJ was in China Lake before they pulled him out of school to bring him down here, for that week, Bryen had started to pee his pants during the day...I am so worried that he may do that same type of behavior when RJ isn't around at all if they send him back up to China Lake...and then deployment. Anyhow, I guess this is just a bunch of complaining but, I think it's just alot of stuff that I need to get out. Right now, RJ is sitting next to me in his recliner, the tv is on but nither one of us are watching it, he is working on a task that they gave him for his "initiation" and I am doing this my blog. I almost started to cry when I was thinking about deployment, oh, here I go again, it's been a long...LONG time, we have been lucky, since we went to Iceland for sea duty and then were in Missouri for a shore duty we had 6 years there and then here he won't deploy until next September so that will be another year so by the time he does deploy again it will have been 7 years since we had been seperated for more than a's gonna be rough...I know it. UGH, I gotta stop thinking about that, it's still over a year away. Anyhow, I love you my family, and to my friends, you're awesome. Have a good one. :o)

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