Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, it looks like we're going to move into military housing at Pt. Mugu. That is not what we wanted to do, but I think at this point it's really our only option and I think it will actually turn out to be good for all of us. We did have an apartment all lined out, we paid a hold fee etc...but RJ found out that he wasn't going to get the housing allowance for California until he checks into his command at Pt. Hueneme on the 18th of September so....we had to figure something else out. The housing office is so nice, they are really going to work with us and only take the amount of BAH we are currently getting for Missouri until RJ checks into his command at Hueneme, I think it is really great that they are going to help me out. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on, the lady mentioned a move in date of this Friday the 7th of August but before we can move in I have to set up a date for the household goods to come so we will actually at least have some mattresses to sleep on. Kyle will start school on the 24th so there is another thing that I will have to get all sorted out and stuff once we get there, I think it will come together pretty well though, and I am really happy that we don't have to enroll Kyle in some other school and then transfer him a little after it starts. Anyhow, have a good night, ttyl :o)

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