Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Tires and Wheels

Went to Provo today to get some new tires and wheels on my car, they had to order the ones that I wanted because they don't keep them in stock. When I got there everything seemed fine, they opened a box and showed me one of them, I got excited and was pleased with it...wanted to see what it looked like on my car etc...etc. It was approx. 1:50 when they took the car in and around 3 they came to me and told me that they were very sorry but it seemed that one of the new wheels that I wanted put on my car was damaged in shipping and had a good sized crack in they wouldn't be able to put it on today. I was in shock, I have heard of this happening to people but I have never had it happen to me. I just asked him " what do we do"...LOL. I ended up leaving the place with 3 new wheels on my car and 4 new tires...they put one of the old wheels on the drivers side I didn't take a picture of that side.
Anyhow, we came straight back after. I came in straight away and emailed the customer service of Discount Tire, and called the district office and left a message...we'll see what happens. Tonight Bryen was helping grandma and he took the basket of dirty clothes downstairs for her and was going to even start them for her, so he took the bottle of fabric softener and dumped the ENTIRE thing into the washer, the house really does smell great! Marcus is teething and I don't know if he is coughing a lot because of the post nasal drip from the runny nose he has because of the teething....or....if he is coughing because he is asthmatic and he has allergies which are flaring for one reason or another...I really don't like being so unable to tell! I have been giving him breathing treatments every day for the last 3 days, only once, but today I think has been the worst day for his coughing. I really need to get myself in to bed...but I just wanted to share a little bit of today...try to keep up a bit more on this blog :)

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