Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Africa Deployment

RJ is currently deployed to Kenya, Africa. He left August 7th 2011, and originally was supposed to be gone for 9 months. Just before he was supposed to head out they changed the deployment from 9 to 6 months which is great...except that we had already made plans and packed up our things and decided to do this move to Utah at that point. It means that when he returns, he will have to stay in the bachelor quarters there at Point Mugu until the kids finish the school year here in May...from Feb to May...that is a little while to be back in the states but still have to be separated from your family...it's a really bummer deal! It is very soon that we will be re united only to be apart for a while again shortly afterward...it will be a short and sweet reunion...we will enjoy it to it's fullest!

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