Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In March of 2011 we had RJ's bro, sis in law, their 2 kids, and dad come and visit. We all went to Disneyland and had a good time, it was really so great! Larry (RJ's Brother) really had a hard time with how many people there were and how fast paced everything was. We did more than just Disneyland that trip too...we went to Santa Barbara to the zoo..we went to Santa Clarita Beach, we had a lot of fun going whale watching......
When the trip was over and it was time for family to leave and go back to Montana, it was really hard to see them leave, taking them to the airport and watching them go up the escalators to security check was so hard on us all...RJ had a rough time for quite a few days after that. Normally what happens is we go and see people and then we leave, it's so much harder having them come and then having them have to go. I am so glad that we got the chance to show them around in California though, it was so much fun, and we would do it again in a minute too! :)

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