Monday, March 22, 2010


I don't know yet how far along we are, but we are pregnant. I guess once you stop taking the low hormone birth control pills that you're pretty immediately fertile. It happened so fast, I stopped taking the pill in DEC and found out I was pregnant at the end of FEB...that is fast...I remember when I went off the pill with Bryen it took 3 months. I am nervous about going through basically the entire pregnancy without RJ, he is deploying to Afghanistan really soon now. It is difficult, but you do what you gotta do, I have friends around that are going to be there for me, it just doesn't seem like we really completely thought about the facts...I will for certain have to have a c section since I have already had 2. I will definately have my boys..they're not going anywhere...and I will definately want my husband to be here with me, and I know for sure that isn't gonna happen until after the baby is already here and I have gone through the hard stuff with him gone. I know it isn't his choice to leave at this time, doesn't make it suck any less!

Kyle and Bryen are doing pretty well these days, at least, in personality and just being kids. Bryen isn't faring so well in the school front, but what can you do, he is young and he enjoys fun, and he doesn't listen to people that don't demand it from him...and his teacher sooooo does not demand it from him. Kyle is doing really good, he is improving alot each day at least it seems that way. I am hopeful that this school that they're attending will try harder to make it a better atmosphere for learning, at least from how it was this year.

Okay, so to sum up....I have a little more than a week maybe before my husband leaves on deployment for 8 which point the boys and I will continue to carry on here until he returns, I will do the best I can being pregnant and irritable and all of that jazz. I don't know if my house will ever be clean, it's a formidable task that is dauting and always looming! I hope that my next posts will be a little more upbeat, but you know, everyone is welcome to their grumpy occasional icky blog days right? At this point, I am going to go to Walgreens to get some colace to help me out in the area of being able to have a BM, I tell ya, it aint fun not being able to crap...LOL

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