Friday, January 29, 2010


I had an apt today with a neurologist to see if he could tell me what is wrong with my vision, why I see trails behind everything and around too. I am thinking maybe they don't remember things that they see anymore...anyway, I was hoping that he would be like...OOOH I've seen this before and magically diagnose me and fix the problem...but no, instead he is ordering MRI and an EEG to see if they can find anything...and if they don't...does that mean they're going to be referring me to some psych doc because I must be imagining it?! I mean, c''s not like I hope they find something, but what if they don't...honestly...what if they don't! I'm frustrated with the whole medical anything lately! The girl that took my blood pressure when I went in did so with a digital BP cuff...those things aren't accurate to begin with, but then she put it over my shirt sleeve like it is just as good as the ones they used in the old days. I DON'T THINK SO!!!! 154/110 can NOT be correct!

RJ is at work, he came home for a little bit, when the kids were getting off the bus and hung out for a few, but then he had to leave again for this "DINING INN" or whatever the hell they wanna call it, I think it's friggin' lame, all of this fraternity BS, I mean, whatever guys, these are not college days, that is why so many of you have grown kids and TONS of gray hair! I'm just kind of all around pissy. I will stop bitching now. :o)

The butterfly and hibiscus flowers picture is one that I put together for Sharon to make me a vinyl window sticker for my car, let me know what you think, I think it's cool!

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