Monday, June 14, 2010

March 30, 2010

The title is one of the hardest days I had in a long time! It is the day RJ left on deployment for the first time in over 7 was very difficult. I do wish that there was a way to avoid having to go through such things, but being a military family, it is one of the things that you go through because it is your duty and also because you know that the price does not outweigh the purpose of what he is doing...doesn't mean it doesn't SUCK! Anyway, on to something else shall we...

I am 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant, I can feel the baby move quite a bit and...oh yes, I didn't know when we were due when I last blogged...we are due Nov. 2, but there will be a c section a week prior to that, the possibility of me still being in the hospital for Bryen's birthday is extremely HIGH! I am hoping that we can do the surgery on the 22nd of Oct, but that is up to the doc I am seeing where I get the ultra sounds done. We are...having another boy, at least that is what was said when I had an ultra sound on June 1st. I am going back for another on June 29th, I guess the reason I have all of these ultra sounds isn't anything beyond what they do normally so...whatever..hehe!

Life is quite different having two kids, a dog and being pregnant with your husband deployed...quite different from having 1 child that isn't 2 yet...that is what it was the last time we did a deployment. I'm gonna go now, but I will blog more later

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