Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Puppy

We got a baby puppy on Thursday night, it's mamma was shot and then the babies were found so the guy that shot the mamma was trying to make sure the babies found a good home. I wanted the one we got, I might be crazy, it's alot of work, but I think this little guy is worth it, he's such a cutie, we have to bottle feed him and this picture I have of him was when his eyes were still closed. His eyes are open now, he started to open them on Saturday, he's our little baby. We named him "Jax" I was thinking Jackson, but we decided to go with Jax since we would have ended up calling him that anyway. OK, so I just wanted to share. Love Ya'll


Jaxie Boy


Rick and Angelia said...

Cute puppy! I want one! Thanks for the Christmas card! Where are you guys going to next? Lots of love and Happy Christmas!

Barnes Family said...

Oh how cute!! Why did the Mom get shot? That's very sad.
I love the name Jackson for a dog it's so cute.
Love ya! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for our card too!

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