Wednesday, February 13, 2013


November 28th 2012, I had surgery to remove my uterus. I was having issues with pain and all of that business for an extremely LONG time...I went and got an IUD in Feb 2013, before RJ returned from deployment in Africa...and I thought everything was fine, until roughly a month after I got the thing...lots of pain...etc. I went to a doctor here in Cali after we moved in May and she ordered an ultra sound and an MRI. The Ultra Sound showed nothing, and the MRI showed that the IUD had shifted....her determination was to remove the IUD and perform a procedure called NovaSure, which is basically ablation of the uterus. I went in, took the meds, was ready to go, she removed the IUD with not a lot of trouble...but then proceeded to attempt the ablation....she perforated my uterus. The reason she did that was because there was some sort of blockage....something was in the way of the path of the tool, and that was her I needed to heal...and she recommended we try again. After 2 weeks, I went back in to try the NovaSure again...and...NO DICE...AGAIN, I had taken the drugs, she had numbed everything, but this time she went in with a camera first and realized that it was an absolute MESS in there. We ultimately decided that the issue was something other than fibroids (which is what she had previously thought) and so she referred me to a gynecological surgeon. He...IS...and incredible doctor, we discussed the issues I had, the reason for requesting a hysterectomy and then he ordered another ultra sound and when I came back after getting the ultra sound, he told me he believed my problem to be something called "adenomyosis" I had NEVER heard of this before, and so I was intrigued and the next step was to schedule surgery and just go for it. There was no way to PROVE that his belief was for sure until the pathology report came back after surgery so....he was hoping that he wasn't taking out my uterus for no reason. LET ME TELL YOU! When a doctor just KNOWS that is one hell of a doctor. I went back after my recovery of 6 weeks, and he told me that he was very happy to report that we didn't take out my uterus for not because the pathology report did in fact show that I had adenomyosis....I am just so very pleased at that...but not only that....the way I feel! I FEEL so much better than I have in YEARS...this is the BEST thing I have ever had done for me, and I really appreciate Doctor Terry Cole!!!! Anyways, That is a little part of information that was important that I forgot to add in the last blog. :)

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