Sunday, July 4, 2010


I could say...I have been really irritable this last little while...however, I can't say that it is at everything because honestly it isn't! I have been oooooober irritated with certain nouns that really have tried my patience into ablivion! I think I really need to grow a pair of my own and just put people in their place when I disagree with things they may say or things that they do...I mean really, is it to much to ask to be just a LITTLE considerate of someone elses feelings about small doesn't always have to be a huge gesture, it could be something small and simple that you do or STOP doing that will help the fact that you are so irritating change! My gosh, I might as well have just said a person, not noun...but seriously, it's not even just a is a place and things as well so actually noun was quite suited. I am going to stop now while I'm ahead...on a happy note...I saw Eclipse tonight and it was actually quite well done and I was glad to have had the opportunity! Good deal!

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