Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Funny Thing

My mom is in here upper 70's and she uses an Iphone and and Ipad and she texts and she facetimes and she is all technical with her new apple products....unless she loses them or drops them in the toilet....LOL!!!! Anyways, the other day I was messaging mom and she mentioned that she had lost her phone and that she was hoping to find it soon and I told her that I would try to call her the next day. When I went to call her, I thought perhaps if she had not found her phone yet she would be able to get a facetime on her Ipad since she was able to I placed a facetime call to her..........ringing.....ringing....I started to think that it wasn't going to work over her Ipad but I thought for sure it would.....and then someone picked up......and they said "This is so and so from the Family History Center in Vernal, Utah, the owner of this phone left it here." I couldn't see a picture and it looked as though the person was covering the camera on purpose to hide their identity to me....and I started to almost get suspicious but I knew that the history center was a place that mom went so....I told them her name, and she kept talking...all along with the camera covered and I just thought that was interesting, just must not want me to see her face...and then...I told her I would text my mom and tell her that they have her phone, the lady said "well if you text her it won't get to her because I have her phone" so I realized then this is someone that doesn't really understand how these tricky apple things work and I told her she has her Ipad where she has been receiving texts, so she was like "OH okay" and then we said goodbye and as I went to hang up I saw her face and realized that she had pulled the phone away from her ear because she had it to her face the entire time I was talking to her! LOL So funny! I was looking at this woman's ear and the side of her face the entire call! My 70 something mother can use these things and yet this 50 something woman doesn' so funny!!!!!! Have a good day!

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